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Waxing is carried out using the highest quality waxes and pre and post waxing products.  A combination of warm and hot  wax  is used to suit different hair and skin types.  Warm wax is applied and removed using strips and is best suited for larger areas like legs.  Hot wax is applied and removed without the use of strips and is perfect for sensitive areas.  Oil is applied to the skin prior to the application of hot wax which prevents the wax from bonding to the skin.  Instead it shrink wraps the hair only allowing for a more pain free experience.


EYEBROW WAX                                     £7

BROW WAX                                           £9

LIP                                                           £5 


All hair is removed from front to back including bottom, leaving a landing strip of your preference


CHIN                                                       £8

LIP AND CHIN                                       £12

UNDER ARM                                         £10

HALF ARM                                             £10

FULL ARM                                             £16

HALF LEG                                             £18



FULL LEG                                             £25


Deeper than a regular bikini, leaving a more defined triangle



Hair is removed from outside and just beyond the panty line                                          


Completely bare - All hair is removed from front to back, including bottom


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